At my best, I am Love. Unfortunately, I'm not always at my best but I have become slightly obsessed with getting better. I haven't always been this way, though. Meditation and Yoga helped me see through the illusion and now I want to help others see through it too. 

I've always felt different. I've always felt like I didn't really "belong" here. Love is the only thing that has ever made me feel not so strange. Human beings confused me from an early age. I don't mean to say that as if I don't see myself as a human being -- I do -- but I've always felt like I was more than that as well. I've never understood why we hate each over stupid things like the color of our skin or what we have between our legs. I've never understood why we steal things from the earth and claim them as our own. I've never understood why we kill each other in order to solve problems. But all around me this has been normal so I haven't had any choice but to feel abnormal. The only times I don't feel abnormal is when I'm contemplating love. Love makes sense to me. It feels right. It feels like home. The idea that no matter what you do, or who you are, you are worthy of being loved and of giving love.  

We're lied to about love from our first birthday.  Our environment tells us that love is about attachment, possession, insecurity, anger, jealously, and exclusivity. Our environment tells us that we should only give love to those that give it back. Our environment tells us that we only have a limited amount of love to give so we should use it sparingly. I'm elated to tell you that these are all lies. 

My mom got diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer in 2014 and out of that emptiness, I was catapulted onto a path. A spiritual path. A path back home. Tragedy teaches us how to be happy in spite of circumstances instead of because of them. With the help of great teachers, I was able to relieve a lot of the suffering my mom's sickness caused me and a lot of the suffering I caused myself over time. I now feel compelled to help as many souls get free from their suffering as possible. 

Love, real love, requires nothing. Love is love regardless. Unconditional love is real and it's possible for all of us to give it everyday. The only goal I have left in this life is to be love and to spread love. The first time I felt unconditional love, it changed me drastically and for the better. It brought me peace. It brought me truth. It brought me hope. It gave me real purpose. Love changed me and it continues to change me everyday and now I want to use love to change everything else around me as well. 

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