How in tune are you with the dialogue that you're constantly having with yourself in your mind? What kind of language do you use when addressing yourself? Are you always as sweet and understanding with yourself as you are with others? Probably not. But why?

Kindness has always come pretty easily to me when it comes to other people but due to bad programming, I have very seldomly offered myself the same grace that I extend to others.

Through contemplation I've realized that I've falsely convinced myself that being tough on myself is what has brought me the success I've enjoyed in life when in reality, all being hard on myself really brought me was more and more self-doubt.

Everyone on this planet deserves love and kindness and that includes YOU! So be your own best friend. Encourage yourself. Support yourself. Believe in yourself. Give grace to yourself. This world we live in is chock-full of obstacles already -- what sense does it make for us to make life more difficult than it already is by being our own worst enemy instead of our own biggest fan?🤷🏽‍♂️

Reprogramming your thoughts is hard work but it's certainly work worth doing. These days I give my mind the same ultimatum that I give everyone else, "Talk to me nice or don't talk to me at all!" ❤️💜💙