About As You Are


As You Are is a spiritually conscious brand based around self-love, self-awareness, and living in the present. As You Are is a reminder that even though you should always strive to become better, you are still worthy of love if "better" never happens.  It was founded on the principle that we are all capable of giving unconditional love to and receiving unconditional love from one another. "Unconditional" meaning that I'll love you even when you don't behave the way I want you to. "Unconditional" meaning that I'll love you regardless of how you treat me. "Unconditional" meaning that I'll love you even if you don't love me back. 

Some of our amazing customers wearing their button earrings!

That kind of love seems impossible, right!? I know it does because it seemed impossible to me once too but then I experienced it for myself and I have been a much better, happier, fuller person since. I truly believe that there's so much suffering in the world because we don't love ourselves. We don't love ourselves because we've always been told that we're not good enough as we are. And since we don't love ourselves, we don't love anyone else. We let greed, desire, and envy override our humanity and wage wars on each other over absolutely nothing. We've forgotten that Love is our original state and that our only purpose on this earth is to love and help each other get free from self-imposed suffering.  

The goal of As You Are is to spread love and relieve suffering by providing reminders that love is always a choice that can be made instead of fear and that even though you may be flawed, you are still worthy of love just As You Are.